Urban photography offers a unique and compelling perspective on cities with its blend of architecture, people, and streetscapes. In Toronto’s ever changing cityscape, photographers are out in full swing capturing every beat of the city’s evolving urban landscape.

Urbanize Toronto recently caught up with Dustin William, also known as The Land of Dustin, a photographer who loves architecture, development, and construction in the city. Over the years, Dustin’s inspiring photographs of Toronto’s cityscape have caught the attention of urban enthusiasts across the city.

Image Credit: Dustin William / The Land of Dustin

Q: How did you get started?

I developed a love for these subjects at a younger age and when I moved to the city I started using my camera to take photos of the things I really love. I’ve always loved tall buildings ever since I was a kid.

Q: Tell us about your process?

I am usually very particular on what I shoot and post online. When I plan a shoot, it is often with a lot of thought and forward planning for light conditions, angles (often symmetry), as well as the vantage point I want to capture. I use Google Earth to plan by view. I will sometimes casually go out and snap some shots that I end up loving but most of the time I plan for the shots I post.


Image Credit: Dustin William / The Land of Dustin

Q: What gear do you shoot / edit with?

I shoot with the Sony A7R4 and the DJI Mini 3 Pro. The lens I shoot with most is the Sony 14mm f1.8 GM. It’s a fantastic lens, super wide and perfect for the architecture focus of my work. I edit my photos in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I edit on a PC. 

Q: Favourite place to photograph in the city?

Without question, my favourite place to take photos in the city is the financial district. It's no surprise, I love tall buildings. For me, there are endless compositions and amazing photos to be captured here. I love architecture and there is no greater place, than the financial district for that.

Image Credit: Dustin William / The Land of Dustin

Q: Anything else?

I’m quite a shy person and I often find myself shooting alone. I really love what I shoot. I get excited by new development in the city and new vantage points to shoot from. Photography has changed me as a person — it’s made me more social and gives me a lot to look forward to. It’s provided me some great opportunities to work with some truly great people and companies. 

Be sure to check out Dustin on his Instagram page @thelandofdustin