Developer Minto Communities is celebrating the completion of 100,000 homes built across North America.

From its roots as a small Ottawa-based company, Minto has grown into a recognized industry leader dedicated to constructing homes and vibrant communities.

Aerial photograph of Era by Minto Communities, located in Calgary, AB.Image Courtesy of Minto Communities

"Reaching the milestone of 100,000 homes built is a testament to our growth, transformation, and unwavering commitment to our homeowners and the communities we are present in," says Brent Strachan, President, Ontario, Minto Communities Canada. “This milestone could not have been achieved without the devotion of our employees, the strength of our trade partners, and the support of the communities we are proud to be part of. We are humbled by this achievement and excited to continue our mission of shaping neighbourhoods and building homes and communities that stand the test of time."

The Caraway home by Minto Communities, located in Ottawa, ON.Image Courtesy of Minto Communities

Founded in 1955, the company's expansion into Florida in 1978 marked a pivotal moment of growth, followed by its entry into the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in 1986, and expansion into Calgary in 2012.

Calgary and the expansion into Western Canada has been an exceptional chapter in Minto's journey, one that mirrors the values we have established in other regions,” says Greg Mills, President, Alberta and British Columbia, Minto Communities Canada. “We entered the Calgary market during challenging times brought on by the oil crisis and global pandemic, yet our determination, dedication to sustainability and willingness to adapt allowed us to thrive. We've built a culture that is passionate about delivering homes that resonate with the market's needs.

Aerial photograph of Westlake by Minto Communities, located in Palm Beach County, FL.Image Courtesy of Minto Communities

Minto has also been at the forefront of sustainable development and climate-resilient building methods. Key highlights in their portfolio include Radiance at Minto Gardens, one of Canada's first multi-unit high-rise residential condominiums to achieve LEED Canada certification, ten Net Zero Demonstration Homes built since 2008, and the launch of one of the GTA’s first geo-exchange community energy systems at North Oak in 2021. Most recently, Minto introduced its first Net-Zero production scale home at Union Village in Markham.

As the company reflects on this achievement, Minto looks forward to the delivery of the next 100,000 homes, embracing a future of continued growth and positive impact.

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