Devron Developments is gearing up for the launch of 101 Spadina – a 38-storey condominium tower located at the southeast corner of Spadina Avenue and Adelaide Street in Downtown Toronto.

Designed in partnership with Audax Architects, 101 Spadina aims to change the narrative of being ‘just another glass box’. Described as a contemporary art deco building, the tower is designed to exist harmony with the 100 year-old architectural buildings on Spadina Avenue, while having its own modern character.

Rendering of 101 Spadina.Image Credit: Norm Li / Devron Developments

Urbanize Toronto recently sat down with Devron Development’s President Pouyan Safapour to talk about the unique vision for the project.

Pouyan Safapour, President of Devron Developments

Spadina Avenue is Toronto’s second-wisest boulevard with a ton of architectural heritage. This stretch between Wellington and Queen is really well-preserved with brick and beam buildings that are well-maintained.” said Safapour when asked about the design and architecture of the 101 Spadina. “We want to make sure the building we design is not out of touch and singing a different tune. So we said, how do we design a building that lives in harmony with that, and how do we also design a building that in 100 years will be also cherished too? We take the same long-term approach to the architecture as well. It has a modern Art Deco soul, so that it's just as beautiful, not just in renderings, but 100 years from now.

Image Credit: Norm Li / Devron Developments

As condos are getting smaller, Devron is focused on building livable, spacious suites with an emphasis on quality behind the aesthetics, with features that enhance the overall condo-living experience. From heightened sound insulation, to leak detection, and better lighting with pot lights in all suites, Devron is ensuring that homeowner’s comfort is top of mind. 

We put a ton of emphasis on these kind of features, because they matter. That's what goes into that decision of deciding: Am I comfortable here? Do I want to live here another 6-months or 10 years?”, said Safapour. “We also invested in elevators that are 20% faster than conventional elevators, so we're doing everything from architecture to the lighting inside, to try and think long-term.

Image Credit: Norm Li / Devron Developments

In addition to large livable suites and comfort-focused building features, one of 101 Spadina’s signature spaces will be an outdoor rooftop located at the top of the building, offering double-height ceilings and 360-degree views of the city.

Image Credit: Norm Li / Devron Developments

Residents of 101 Spadina will also have access to amenities like outdoor terraces, a fitness centre, and private lounges. In collaboration with the city, a new 10,000ft² public plaza is also planned at the base of the building.

Image Credit: Norm Li / Devron Developments

We're hoping to do a project that, instead of the typical glass condo with micro-units for short-term occupiers, we are thinking longer-term homes for all segments of the demographic. Both younger first-time homebuyers, as well as people with young families and people with families with kids that will be older, all the way to down-sizers.” said Safapour. “This also another unique Toronto conversation about end-users and investors: should we design a building for end-users? From our perspective, we all should be obsessing about the end-users as developers, as investors, as designers, as people in the community… because the more we do, the healthier the ecosystem we have.”

Image Credit: Norm Li / Devron Developments

With zoning now complete, sales for 101 Spadina are expected to launch sometime in the spring with construction planned to commence soon after.

I hope we can approach development in a way that everyone in the city can love development and have multifamily living. That's what I hope this project can be symbolic of. To do better so that we can have a better city and we can have a better industry. That’s what I hope this project can inspire.

Image Credit: Norm Li / Devron Developments

For more information on 101 Spadina, visit their website.


About Pouyan Safapour

Pouyan Safapour, President of Toronto-based development company Devron, is a highly regarded leader in real estate and land development known for his innovative process and strategic vision. As President, Pouyan spearheads the company's mission to create high-quality, consumer-focused buildings that meet the needs of homeowners, reflect the culture and history of the surrounding neighbourhoods, and are built to last. Pouyan continues to guide Devron to success by creating impactful projects that will enhance the lives of Toronto residents by setting a new standard for quality and design across the industry.