YI Developments have once again revised its plans for the redevelopment of a site located at the intersection of Yonge and Isabella streets in Downtown Toronto.

In a recent resubmission to the City, the developer is now seeking zoning permissions for a 70-storey mixed-use tower at 619 Yonge Street. Notably, the previous proposal for the same site in November 2021 suggested a 57-storey building.

Image Credit: Core Architects

Designed by Core Architects, the revised plans encompass a series of changes, including adjustments to the tower's floor plate size and setbacks, relocation of the ground floor lobby, and a change in overall massing.

Image Credit: Core Architects

The proposed unit count has also increased, with 803 residential units planned compared to 606 residential units in the previous proposal.

Image Credit: Core Architects

If approved, the tower will rise to height of over 238 meters and will encompass over 64,000m² of total gross floor area (GFA). The majority of this space will be dedicated to residential uses, with a retail component proposed for the tower’s lower levels.

619 Yonge (yellow) in context with nearby development.Image Credit: Stephen Velasco

The proposal at 619 Yonge is one of several new skyscrapers planned along a rapidly intensifying section of Yonge Street, that includes neighbouring proposals like 646 Yonge Street (75-storeys), 645 Yonge Street (76-storeys), and 10 St Mary St (60-storeys).